The Arduino is a popular microcontroller used for many home projects because it provides an accessible environment for one to prototype, test, and solve problems cheaply and efficiently. Through this course, students should be able to develop their ability in mechatronics to problem solve.

The mechanical engineering curriculum often lacks practical applications in many mechatronic courses. This course takes students from the very basics to fill the gaps we have learned in lectures with fun projects dealing with the Arduino.

This first series will take students from the basic understanding of electronics, starting from components, to circuit building. Experience is absolutely not necessary. It is not suggested for students who already have a good understanding of mechatronics, who may have no problem following along in Mechatronic labs already.

The goals of the workshop are:

  1. Obtain the basic knowledge necessary to Google the questions
  2. Affirm mechatronics skills in a practical setting. Linking the theoretical with the applicable.
  3. Take over the world with home-built robots

Students are recommended to bring their own laptops to work with the Arduino in order to further familiarize themselves with the IDE beyond the classes. A mandatory $40 safety deposit is required during registration at Session 1 in order to cover any potential damages to the equipment by individuals. You will not be charged the deposit if it is your partner who breaks the equipment. Students who attend both classes and return all equipment undamaged will receive a $20 deposit return. Students who do not attend both sessions will only receive a deposit return of $15, but are still welcome to attend. The higher deposit and cost of this series allows MechEngage to invest in more equipment and to bring you snacks. We work hard to ensure you get a good experience during our technical workshops.

Before the workshops, students should download and install the most recent Arduino IDE at Many installation guides are available from the Arduino website. However, the workshop will be open 30 minutes early to help students to troubleshoot any installation issues. At the start of the session, all students should be able to create and save “sketches” (code files) on their computers without any problems.